No one ever talks to me on here anymore. Sad day.

I love the way he kisses me and moves his hands up my sides and neck. I love when he bites my lip. I love hearing him sigh and moan and say my name like I’m driving him crazy. I love feeling his whole body on top of me, his hand intertwined with mine. I love the way he tenderly kisses me before pulling out. Sigh.

This whole thing is still completely fucked but we still want each other..

What Was True

Driving, around in your car,

We’d speak about us,

But never get far.

Laying, together in your bed,

I’d ask if you cared.

Not knowing where that led.

Standing, in front of you,

Couldn’t meet your gaze.

Couldn’t tell what was true.

Now, we don’t drive in your car.

We don’t lay in your bed.

I am not in front of you.

I know what is true.

The last post about R

I remember the night that you picked me up from the airport. You were so happy to see me, to talk to me, tell me your little stories and ideas you had, so happy to touch me, play with my hair, stroke my couldn’t wait to be home and in bed with me. God, how I wish things between us were still like that. How I wish things between us could be different. I honestly do not ever feel as if I will get over how this all played out. There were so many good times we had and so many times you would look at me or say something to me and I could just feel that you truly liked and cared for me. Something has changed though. She’s back again and now you want her and you’ve thrown away all your feelings for me. Like they meant nothing. One day, you will regret throwing me away like I was nothing. Maybe you’ll see that I would have done anything for you, anything. I could have loved you. I really could have loved you. And I never thought that about myself before. But I guess it doesn’t matter now. Time to let go of you. Of us. Of all the times you joked about my “cute little accent”, of all the times you kissed me goodbye as you left for work, of all the times you came to visit me at mine, of all the times we laid in bed and listened to our favorite songs, of all the times we just were together. It’s finished, though. Time to move on. Time to forget. Or try to. I don’t think I ever will. Oh well.

Life is so goddamned fucked right now. Why can’t people just see the good that’s right fucking in front of them instead of looking in a toxic place for it? Fuck.

posted 1 month ago

Oh man, morning sex is where it’s at. God, he feels so good. Glad we’re back to normal. :)

Even though there’s so much shit that’s been left unsaid between us..I’m glad to have him be there for me like he was just now. It is so nice to just have someone hug you close and tell you that it’s going to be okay and that they’ll help you.

posted 3 months ago

how you gonna in one breath tell me you don’t wanna be in a relationship with me right now but in the next tell me not to fuck any other dudes

get off my jock

i hate you, except not reallyyyyyy

my life is dumb

hello, friends

talk to me
tell me stories

someone talk to me


tell me anything

"I never meant for you to get in this much…I didn’t mean to let you in like this…but I don’t mind it."

Sharing cookies

Once Upon A Time

Cuddling in the cold

The Cranberries


Play fighting

Scratching your back

Nuzzling necks

Long conversations

Truth or Dare

You stroking my hair



Ice cream


Driving around



Telling you anything

And everything

Wanting more

Not now

The little things


Just had the literal most amazing, mind blowing sex ever while listening to 90s grunge pandora. Does it get any better? I think not.


my bestfriend errybody

y’all know how i do


my bestfriend errybody

y’all know how i do

If you’ve yet to experience the gloriousness that is morning sex, you’ve yet to live.